The Design Files, SALON des Refusés and Artbank Acquisition

“I sat down next to Wendy Hubert. Her first question to me was, ‘are there many flowers on your Country?’ This is the land of wildflowers, and it’s reflected through the canvas laid out around the room. We got chatting about flowers, trees and rivers and the way they inspire her work. 

‘Sometimes we lose a bit of ourselves, we need to go back out onto Country and lay under the tree. I just thank my family for taking me out on Country when I was a kid.’” Wendy Hubert with Jirra Lulla Harvey in The Design Files.  

Wendy Hubert is a respected Yindjibarndi Elder, Cultural Custodian, and linguist, who has been actively supporting her Roebourne and Yindjibarndi community for over four decades. She is deeply involved in community life, painting, and passionately sharing Stories, Law, and Culture through her whimsical and colorful artworks. In 2022, her generosity and hard work were acknowledged through various achievements, including a write-up in The Design Files, an exhibition of her work as part of SALON des Refusés, and her art finding a permanent home in the Artbank Collection.

The Design Files 

In June 2022, Wendy was featured in Australia's most popular digital design publication, The Design Files (TDF). The article is a spotlight on Wendy’s work—an incredible honour, especially coming from our creative collaborator, Koorie woman Jirra Lulla Harvey of Kalinya Communications. TDF covers a diverse range of subjects, including real Australian homes, gardens, art, architecture, interior design, furniture, textiles, homewares, food, and more. Beyond the web, TDF hosts art exhibitions, events, talks, pop-ups, and has a regular column in Domain magazine (The Age/The Sydney Morning Herald). We're thrilled to be showcased in this prestigious platform. 

‘There’s lots of forms and ways to help you do the art you want. With oil paint, I do a bit of a smudge. At camp, I’ve been doing that with the kids. They go and find a flower and we do it with the smudging. I teach them, if you don’t like it, put another colour on top.’ 

Read the full article here

SALON des Refusés

Every August, SALON Art Projects presents the SALON des Refusés, an exhibition of works submitted but not accepted into NATSIAA (National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards) at Charles Darwin University Art Gallery, Darwin.

Produced by Darwin gallerists Matt Ward and Paul Johnstone of Outstation Gallery and Paul Johnstone Gallery, the Salon demonstrates the superb standard of art being created by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, nationwide and it also provides valuable insight into where the movement has come from, and where it is heading. 

Wendy's Storms on the Hammersley Rangers, Storms on the Tablelands (pictured) was selected to be apart of this fantastic exhibition and was acquired by Artbank.


Warjiwarlu Wendy, we can't wait to see what comes next! Browse works by Wendy online here.