Tracks We Share

Tracks We Share: Contemporary Art of the Pilbara celebrates the Aboriginal artists and artwork of Western Australia’s Pilbara region in a landmark exhibition opening to the public on 11 March 2022 at The Art Gallery of Western Australia. 

The show is a collaboration between Western Australian non-profit arts and cultural organisation FORM; The Art Gallery of Western Australia; Pilbara Aboriginal art centres and independent artists; bringing together more than70 artists and over 200 artworks.  

This extraordinary body of work features the most exciting contemporary art coming out of the region while paying homage to the legacy that has informed it, offering a rare and broad-reaching insight into the region’s artistic output over the years. 

Juluwarlu proudly presented more than 60 djun-djun sticks (dancing sticks) and 12 masks, accompanied by a captivating film that depicts these items in use during a Ngunda (corroboree, traditional dance) on Country. Our showcase also included special yaranga marni boards and other remarkable works by artists Wendy Hubert and Alice Guiness, allowing audiences to truly immerse themselves in the depth and diversity of our artistic practices.  





Warjiwarlu to all the artists and team that made it happen! 

Tracks We Share is on display at The Art Gallery of Western Australia 11 March to 28 August 2022.