In our Wendy Era

Launching our Wendy Hubert x Nancybird Ngurrawaana collection at this year's 2023 Country to Couture was such a special moment. C2C is such an amazing display of all the different ways that people are playing with fashion and design and really pushing the boundaries and we really get such a buzz being amongst it all.

The Nancybird x Wendy Hubert x Juluwarlu collection features statement pieces including delicate beaded bags; a gorgeous quilted vest; midi dresses and of course, we requested a Nancybird iteration of a bomber jacket! 

The designs were based on two original artworks by Wendy, Cork Tree (2022), Oil on Canvas; and Old Millstream Road (2022), Oil on Canvas (pictured with Wendy in a photo c/o Claire Martin). The original artworks are no longer available for sale, but we do have a limited edition run of giclee prints of Old Millstream Road if you are looking to add a little warmth, colour and the Pilbara to your home. 

As our collaboration with Nancybird is Juluwarlu's second significant collaboration for 2023, we'd like to share what the creative process looks like for us, for other Aboriginal art centres contemplating similar ventures. 

Why collaborate? 

Juluwarlu loves collaborating with established designers. It is a great way for us to engage with new audiences across Australia and beyond.  

How and when did this collaboration come about? 

We reached out to Nancybird in 2021 thinking about the previous collaborations they had done with landscape artists and how beautifully artworks had been translated into clothes. We instantly thought of Wendy’s vibrant paintings and how it would be a good match.  

What are the impacts collaborations with established brands can have for Aboriginal artists and community? 

Collaborating Artist Wendy Hubert says: It was interesting for me to work with Emily. She chose paintings for the collaboration that surprised me, but I loved her choice and how she used them in the designs. She used them in ways I could never imagine and it is so exciting to see my paintings on such beautiful fabrics. It took my breath away. I am very grateful for this experience. 

What kinds of advocacy and agreements do you put in place?  

We negotiate industry best practice agreements between the artist and the company using an Arts Law contract template. That way, we know the artist is receiving a fair fee.

It’s also really important that our values align when thinking about collaborations. For us, it is about sharing culture in a respectful and culturally safe way; sustainability and ensuring the artist is being fairly represented. With Nancybird, the collaboration was really made in line with Wendy’s sassy style in mind, which was so important and lovely.  

The line officially launches in April 2024, but if you would be interested in wholesaling, please send us an email at 

You can read more about the collection in the latest Frankie magazine.


Photos by Marley Morgan.